Monday, January 5, 2009

Today January 05,2009!

Horrible day today I'm sorry my blogs have to start out so brutal :P.Not only am I upset that i have the worst ear ache possible and that I got woke up six to get ready to go to the orthodontist office to throw up right in front of the door then having to make a scene with all eyes on me and go to the bathroom and have the door wide open having people bringing paper towel now I have to go see the doctor I despise because his answer to everything is shot's last time he was just like "Let's just give her a shot"Then the guy nurse came in telling me how he gives he diabetic son shots all the time and I shouldn't worry but who doesn't worry when there getting long needles stuck into there arm!Yeah so i'm not in the best mood ,and to make it worse I'm probably going to get that medicine that tastes like old milk and sour strawberry's and then my mom just puts in my milk and thinks i don't notice it most of the time I just gag but I am happy I guess because I found some new items on polyvore pathetic i know but let me have my happy moment!So pm me on polyvore I will be on after my stupid doctors appointment at four.

Thanks for listening to me vent,

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